Christmas 2018 in Pictures

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

I know it's a bit late to post Halloween shoot. But I've really been busy with the moving to anther house thing while I still managed to style a spooky session. So late better than never, enjoy the Witches Den! [...]

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Vintage Christmas Tree| My New Apartment

I'm not a fan of making conclusions on how my year went based on the 1st january - december 31th cycle, I like to check up on my goals much more often. But what I really love to do yearly - is a Christmas inspo photoset, where I share my [...]

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Colorful Summer|Get Hair-Inspired!

I'm dark haired originally, but the most amazing thing that ever happened to my hair - was a nice, quality bleach. Since then I went wild with colors, and luckily captured some of my hair transformations on camera! Haircut and bleaching was made by amazing Kathrin Varli  [...]

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Graduation in Sweden: Studenten

Spring blossoms and Graduation come together, so they're great to combine! To book your Studenten photo session head over to Art Portrait. [...]

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