Q: What is your pricing?

A: My prices start at 15000 kr for a 3 hour package and go up to 43000kr for a whole day (12 hours). Fill in the form (not adapted to mobile devices) and I’ll get back to you with detailed price information and what’s included in the packages.

Q: Will you travel to capture our wedding?

A: Of course! Just send me a booking request and describe your destination and I’ll get back with more information

Q: What style do you shoot?

A: I shoot storytelling Fine Art with focus on colours (I love colors!). Storytelling lets you keep detailed memories of your beautiful wedding day – whatever it’s sunny or rainy, bright or dull – it’s yours, the day you said “I do” to each other, and it will always be special. I let you remember how the sky looked, what your guests were laughing about and how beautiful your wedding shoes were

Fine Art is expressing the artist’s perceptions and emotions and to share them with others, it’s delicate, natural and focuses on your feelings to each other.

Q: Do you shoot film or digital?

A: I shoot digital, on Nikon gear, and I’m totally loving it 🙂

Q: Do your packages include high resolution files?

A: Yes, every package include high resolution files and low resolution (internet friendly) files. I deliver all the photos in color (because I love colors!) and I do black&white copies on some of the images.

Q: When do we have to book you?

A: As soon as you say “I do” 🙂 The sooner – the better, this way you will ensure that I am available on your wedding day and I also will have enough time to analyse the lighting on your wedding day and advice some the best angles for placement of the altar or guest seats, especially if your ceremony is outside. And of course inform you about the best hours for the portrait shoot before you make a schedule and book everything else.

Q: How do we pay?

A: I send an invoice of 30% of the total amount as booking fee, the rest have to be payed two weeks before the wedding. For weddings outside Stockholm County I take 50% of the package as booking fee

Q: Why do we pay the final payment 2 weeks before the wedding?

A: One of the reasons why this became part of my policy is because after all the years of experience of working with weddings I realised that both most of my couples and me like to have the financial part done before the wedding. This way you can relax on your wedding day, and then go to your honey moon, sign the thank you cards etc. without thinking you still have bills to pay. Same goes for me, I prefer focusing on editing your images and delivering them to you instead of checking if all the bills are payed, or worse, reminding about unpaid bills (and I really do not want my couples to receive the automatic reminder fee, those fees are unpleasant and nobody want’s to get them). These things are so easy to forget when you are newlyweds.

Besides, the moment you send me the first email to check if I’m available – my work for you already begins.

All the time we have preliminary contact, the actual meeting, following contact, me going to your wedding venue to check the best places for photo session and plan B place in case it rains, looking up information for your wedding, choosing vendors to recommend, gathering tips you might need planning the wedding, engagement shoot, retouch, delivery of those photos, and so on until the wedding day arrives. And often I also purchase things I’m going to be needing for your wedding in advance.

That’s why in the moment of the final paying I usually have a huge part of work already done.

There is also a possibility to split the payment for the bigger packages, just let me know and I’ll help you with that

Q: Do you film?

A: No, I do not do filming. It requires double set of video gear and at least one more person who can cover filming while I take photos.

However I can do filming as part of 2 hours portrait or engagement shoot (engagement shoot is included in most of the wedding packages), contact me for more information.