Engagement Photo Session Guide|Alexander and Ummara

You're engaged, congratulations! In this post you'll find all you need to know before the Engagement or Love Story Shoot The engagement photo session, or what I prefer to call it the Love Story is a very popular choice for those couples who are planning on [...]

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My Color Correction of an Image

I've been receiving many messages on Instagram with questions about my color correction, so I tried to analyse my process of CC and put the info together in this post, hope you'll find it useful. This is not the correct way, or the only way to do it, it's just [...]

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How to Nail an Autumn Wedding Photo Session

Time for the cozy and dramatic autumn ambience, cinnamon colors and warm drinks. But it's also a time for bad lighting, cold winds and unpredictable weather, or at least in Sweden it is :) So here are my quick tips on how to nail an autumn wedding photo session! [...]

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7 Tips For Creating Great Flat Lays For Instagram

Flat Lays are an awesome way to tell a story in an attractive and clear manner. But sometimes it isn't as easy as it looks, so here are my easy tips for creating interesting Flat Lays. Whatever you are taking a pic of a product that you’re [...]

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Wedding Reminder List For Art of You Couples. One Week Left

Wedding reminder list is a great way to keep everything under control and relax as much as possible. This list is gathering everything that I need my wedding couples to know about the photography part on their wedding day. The last few weeks before the wedding might be a bit chaotic, [...]

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