The Truth Behind Wedding Rings

Diamonds aren't girls best friends, actually they’re nobody’s friend, and also a total scam. Not that long ago, in 1939, one of the most successful marketing campaigns was launched: The only way to show your love to a woman, is to buy her a diamond ring, [...]

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My Top 14 Best Apps For a Photographer

Most of these apps aren't free (but you get what you pay for, you know that, right?) though some of them are partially free to use :) Don't think this topic needs a further introduction, so let's dive right in! P.S. These are my top 14, that suit my needs [...]

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Smokin’ Hot! – My Best Color Smoke Photo Sessions

When I started adding color smoke to my photo sessions, it still was something pretty new for Sweden, especially in wedding and pregnancy sessions. I received a lot (like a LOT) of messages with questions and guessing about the process. Many photographers were sure [...]

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How to Keep Warm During a Winter Photo Shoot

Time for the magical winter shoots! Hopefully the frost is on it's way and I've decided to write a detailed blog post on how to prepare for a winter photo shoot. During a booked photo session I take care of everything, while there still are some things my clients have [...]

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The Perfect Wedding Timeline

While working in wedding photography, I've gathered some tips on creating the wedding timeline that will let you enjoy the day without stress. So how to create a perfect wedding timeline, and are there things to think about while choosing certain hours for the preparations, photo shoot and, most importantly, [...]

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