My Trip to Kos, Greece

The week in Kos was sooooo amazing! We went on a childfree vacation and it made miracles - getting enough sleep and putting my happiness first really does wonders for the well-being ♡ This trip made me recharge. Being a full time entrepreneur and [...]

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The Perfect Wedding Timeline

While working in wedding photography, I've gathered some tips on creating the wedding timeline that will let you enjoy the day without stress. So how to create a perfect wedding timeline, and are there things to think about while choosing certain hours for the preparations, photo shoot and, most importantly, [...]

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My Color Correction of an Image

I've been receiving many messages on Instagram with questions about my color correction, so I tried to analyse my process of CC and put the info together in this post, hope you'll find it useful. This is not the correct way, or the only way to do it, it's just [...]

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7 Tips For Creating Great Flat Lays For Instagram

Flat Lays are an awesome way to tell a story in an attractive and clear manner. But sometimes it isn't as easy as it looks, so here are my easy tips for creating interesting Flat Lays. Whatever you are taking a pic of a product that you’re [...]

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Whimsical Flower Crown by Art of You Floristics

Presenting this whimsical Flower Crown by Art of You Floristics! I am so happy I finally could find a use for my passion for flowers, and now added the option of a handmade flower crown to the portrait and couple photo session packages. As well as other floristic decor! You [...]

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