The Nordic Tales of Fall|Halloween 2018

Happy All Hallows' Evening! Must I say that this night is one of the spookiest nights of all? I L-O-V-E Halloween, and I wanted to celebrate it by gathering my most mystical portrait series of this Fall: the Nordic Tales. And guys, please, try to use your laptop for this, [...]

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Guide to Perfectly Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Guide to perfectly mismatched bridesmaids dresses that both you and your girlfriends will love♡ So, you've chosen the venue, the menu, your dress, the flowers and even the color scheme, what's left? Inspire your imagination and get not only your bridesmaids happy, but also beautiful, perfectly mismatching dresses that will [...]

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Cherry Blossom Bride. Sophisticated Wedding Editorial

Cherry Blossom Bride Inspirational Photo Shoot. I'm extremely happy to share this sophisticated wedding inspiration editorial! It was created to inspire the Cherry Blossom Bride and together with some talented vendors we managed to create the look and the vibe that shows that the spring is finally here. Cherry Blossoms [...]

Whimsical Flower Crown by Art of You Floristics

Presenting this whimsical Flower Crown by Art of You Floristics! I am so happy I finally could find a use for my passion for flowers, and now added the option of a handmade flower crown to the portrait and couple photo session packages. As well as other floristic decor! You [...]

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Alexander and Ummara Love Story|Dusty Blue Engagement Gown

Dress: The Wow Closet [...]

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