My Color Correction of an Image

I've been receiving many messages on Instagram with questions about my color correction, so I tried to analyse my process of CC and put the info together in this post, hope you'll find it useful. This is not the correct way, or the only way to do it, it's just [...]

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Cherry Blossom Bride. Sophisticated Wedding Editorial

Cherry Blossom Bride Inspirational Photo Shoot. I'm extremely happy to share this sophisticated wedding inspiration editorial! It was created to inspire the Cherry Blossom Bride and together with some talented vendors we managed to create the look and the vibe that shows that the spring is finally here. Cherry Blossoms [...]

Cherry Blossom Portrait Photo Session

Portrait Photo Session in Cherry Blossom is the most requested photo session of Spring. Pink clouds of cherry blossoms cover Stockholm all over creating beautiful, dreamy locations. And one of the most popular ones is at Kungsträdsgården. This time had the pleasure to photograph the Swedish actress Angelina Håkansson [...]

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Editorial at Riksplan, Stockholm|Timeless Bridal Look

Bouquet: Flowers Bar Stockholm [...]

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