Something Wicked This Way Comes

I know it's a bit late to post Halloween shoot. But I've really been busy with the moving to anther house thing while I still managed to style a spooky session. So late better than never, enjoy the Witches Den! [...]

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Graduation in Sweden: Studenten

Spring blossoms and Graduation come together, so they're great to combine! To book your Studenten photo session head over to Art Portrait. [...]

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Get Inspired By The Most Beautiful Floral Crowns

Floral crowns! Aren't they amazing and romantic nature inspired accessory, perfect for any occasion? For me they're irreplaceable on any spring/summer event, such as babyshowers, weddings or birthdays. Here I gathered my favourite flower crown photosessions - enjoy! This first is a piece by Viveka Gren - a colourful orange [...]

Smokin’ Hot! – My Best Color Smoke Photo Sessions

When I started adding color smoke to my photo sessions, it still was something pretty new for Sweden, especially in wedding and pregnancy sessions. I received a lot (like a LOT) of messages with questions and guessing about the process. Many photographers were sure [...]

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The Nordic Tales of Fall|Halloween 2018

Happy All Hallows' Evening! Must I say that this night is one of the spookiest nights of all? I L-O-V-E Halloween, and I wanted to celebrate it by gathering my most mystical portrait series of this Fall: the Nordic Tales. And guys, please, try to use your laptop for this, [...]

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